Comm. 45/90: Civil Liberties Organisation

Comm. 57/91: Tanko Bariga

Comm. 60/91: Constitutional Rights Project (in respect of Wahab Akamu, G. Adega and others

Comm. 62/91: Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (in respect of Ms. Jennifer Madike)

Comm. 67/91: Civil Liberties Organisation

Comm. 72/92: Bamidele Aturu

Comm. 87/93: The Constitutional Rights Project (in respect of Zamani Lakwot and six others)

Comm. 101/93: Civil Liberties Organisation (in respect of the Nigerian Bar Association)

Comm. 102/93: Constitutional Rights Project

Comm. 105/93, 128/94, 130/94, 152/96: Media Rights Agenda, Constitutional Rights Project,
Media Rights Agenda and Constitutional Rights Project

Comm. 107/93: Academic Staff of Nigerian Universities

Comm. 129/94: Civil Liberties Organisation

Comm. 137/94, 156/96, 161/97: International PEN, Constitutional Rights Project, Civil Liberties Organisation and Interights (on behalf of Ken Saro-Wiwa Jnr.)

Comm. 140/94, 141/94, 145/95: Constitutional Rights Project, Civil Liberties Organisation and
Media Rights Agenda

Comm. 143/95, 150/96: Constitutional Rights Project and Civil Liberties Organisation

Comm. 148/96: Constitutional Rights Project

Comm. 151/96: Civil Liberties Organisation

Comm. 153/96: Constitutional Rights Project

Comm. 155/96: The Social and Economic Rights Action Center and the Center for Economic and
Social Rights

Comm. 205/97: Kazeem Aminu

Comm. 206/97: Centre for Free Speech

Comm. 215/98: Rights International

Comm. 218/98: Civil Liberties Organisation, Legal Defence Centre, Legal Defence and Assistance

Comm. 224/98: Media Rights Agenda

Comm. 225/98: Huri - Laws

Comm. 248/02: Interights and World Organisation against Torture

Comm. 252/02: Stephen O. Aigbe

Comm. 268/03: Ilesanmi

Comm. 269/03: Interights on behalf of Safia Yakubu Husaini et al

Comm. 273/03: Centre for Advancement of Democracy, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution and
Human Welfare

Comm. 300/05: Socio Economic Rights and Accountability Project

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