Comm. 19/88: International PEN

Comm. 39/90: Annette Pagnoulle (on behalf of Abdoulaye Mazou)

Comm. 59/91: Embga Mekongo Louis

Comm. 65/92: Ligue Camerounaise des Droits de l'Homme

Comm. 106/93: Amuh Joseph Vitine

Comm. 230/99: Motale Zacharia Sakwe

Comm. 258/02: Miss A

Comm. 260/02: Bakweri Land Claims Committee

Comm. 266/03: Kevin Mgwanga Gunme et al

Comm. 272/03: Association of Victims of Post Electoral Violence & INTERIGHTS

Comm. 290/04: Open Society Justice Initiative (on behalf of Pius Njawè Noumeni)



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