Article 1: Obligations of Member States under the Charter

Article 2: Freedom from Discrimination

Article 3: Equality before the Law and Equal Protection of the Law

Article 4: Right to Life

Article 5: Prohibition of Torture and Inhuman Treatment

Article 6: Right to Personal Liberty and Protection from Arbitrary Arrest

Article 7: Right to Fair Trial

Article 8: Right to Freedom of Conscience

Article 9: Right to Receive Information

Article 10: Freedom of Association

Article 11: Freedom of Assembly

Article 12: Freedom of Movement

Article 13: Right to Participate in Government

Article 14: Right to Property

Article 15: Right to Work

Article 16: Right to Health

Article 17: Right to Education

Article 18: Protection of the Family and Vulnerable Groups

Article 19: Right of all Peoples to Equality and Rights

Article 20: Right to Self-Determination

Article 21: Right to Free Disposal of Wealth and Natural Resources

Article 22: Right to Economic, Social and Cultural Development

Article 23: Right to National and International Peace and Security

Article 24: Right to a General Satisfactory Environmnet

Article 26: Independence of Courts

Article 27: Duties towards his Family, Society and the State

Article 29: Duties to Serve his Family, the National Community

Article 56: Exhaustion of Local Remedies

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